Universities: 12
Students: 101.594
Inhabitant: 1.193.605

It is known as the “Birthplace of the Argentine Flag”, as it was here where it was hoisted for the very first time. Every year, many students from various provinces gather around the Monument to the Flag to pledge their allegiance.

Its imposing river bank along the Paraná River, one of the most important in the country, is a cornerstone of Rosario’s identity. At the edge of the river is the Museum of Contemporary Art of Rosario (MACRO), one of the most modern in the city, built inside old silos. Another of the city’s notable venues is the aquarium: a mega construction project that fully encompasses the biodiversity of the Paraná delta.

Rosario also enjoys a bustling cultural life, with art, music, antiques markets, urban circuits, restaurants, nightlife and trips on the river and the islands… all of which makes Rosario an ideal city to live in.