La Plata

Universities: 4
Students: 94.705
Inhabitant: 799.523

It is known as “The City of Diagonals” and also as a university city: historically, a large number of students from the country’s various provinces come to La Plata for their university studies.

It offers one of the most modern football stadiums in Latin America, where major sporting events and musical shows are held.

The city is home to the Republic of Children, a theme park built in 1951 that, as the legend has it, served as inspiration for Walt Disney to later found his famous park.

You can also visit the University Museum of La Plata, which is highly prestigious in the national and international tourist circuit. It was founded over 130 years ago and houses over 3.5 million items of interest to geologists, biologists, zoologists, paleontologists and anthropologists as well as historical archives.

Another great tourist attraction is the cathedral of La Plata, a neo-Gothic church with towers that are 112 meters high. It ranked as the fifth tallest religious building in the Americas and one of the tallest in the world.