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Spanish in Argentina

Our language is part of a variant of Spanish called “River Plate Spanish”, a linguistic heritage very much treasured in Argentina; its richness and distinctiveness are undeniable. Ours is the language of Borges, Cortázar and Bioy Casares, among other literary greats.
There is a huge variety of Spanish courses on offer Argentina. These are taught at university institutions and language centres all over the country






In addition, Argentina offers an internationally valid Spanish certificate, the “Certificate of Spanish: Language and Use” (CELU). CELU is a certificate of proficiency in Spanish as a foreign language; it may be obtained by any foreigner whose native language is not Spanish and who wishes to validate their ability to use Spanish as a second language for work and study. CELU is the only examination officially recognized by the Ministries of Education and Foreign Affairs.


Certificate of Spanish  Institutions that teach courses in Spanish


Other languages in Argentina

All this enabled Argentina to enrich its official language, Spanish in its River Plate variant, and at the same time help it develop its offering and its standards for teaching other languages.
According to the English Proficiency Index (EPI) report, Argentina is the Latin American country with the highest levels of proficiency in the English language. The EPI assessment is the world’s largest and most comprehensive study comparing the English-language proficiency of 88 countries.
In addition to English, language courses in Argentina are also offered in French, Italian, Portuguese, German and Chinese, among many others.